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book – Dumb Money Dumb Money
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About Dumb Money

This book will teach you everything you need to know about financial management and how Mitch used the techniques in his own life. From high-performing mindsets and negotiation tactics in the work place, to building an 8 figure real estate portfolio, these are the tools that have taken Mitch from the working person to the wealthy person in under 4 years.

Upon graduating from his MBA at the Schulich school of business in 2014, Mitch was disillusioned about financial education and product offerings on the market. He joined Investors Group as an effort to bring his brand of financial education to the masses. In under a year, he became one of the top performing consultants and began to host his own TV Shows, Smart Money on Rogers TV, and Finance My Life on Cogeco TV. In under a year and a half, he rose to the role of Director within the company. Focusing on his goal of education, he created and now teaches the Personal Finance course at the University of Toronto.

His practical teaching style and real-life examples have propelled the course’s popularity to triple the original student enrollment and a massive waiting list for the course each semester.Realizing the limitations of his current company, Mitch moved to build his financial planning and wealth management practice under Experior Financial Group; where he now has a team of consultants and is assisting the company build out its High Net Worth and Business Owner advisory arm.

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The only book on personal finance you need.

“ This is hands down the best book on personal finances out there. The knowledge in this book is easily worth thousands at the very least, and this is no exaggeration... This book is a blue print that hands you the secrets on everything from investing, leveraging money, time management, insurances, retirement planning, tax planning, and much more. The book gives lots of easy to follow math examples, so you can clearly see that his strategies are the most effective way to achieve wealth. I can see myself reading and referencing this books several times throughout the next 2 decades. So if you want to become better than average financially, then as you'll read in the book, you will need to do things that average people won't ”

Straight to the point!

“ Excellent explanation of all the key financial terms. Mitch not only tells you how to leverage your money, he shows you. I enjoyed hearing his personal anecdotes as they hit home. If you read this book and are not motivated to take action to become wealthier (he literally tells you everything you need), then its your fault for your circumstance ”

So grateful for this book!

“ I'm so grateful for this book 💯 I've been confused about a lot of stuff not having studied this in school at all. This is exactly what I was hoping for. Thanks! ”

Learn how I went from a net worth of negative $80k just after graduating from my MBA, to several million in just over 4 years.

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