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course – Dumb Money Dumb Money
Click here to enroll now to dumb money | $459

Mitch is the real deal! If you are looking for something to advance your financial literacy, check out Dumb Money from Mitch

- Kevin O'Leary

The “Everything You Need To Know About Wealth Building” is literally that. The course is broken down into 11 lectures as seen below, with well over 15 hours of life changing content. It mirrors Mitch’s high-demand course taught at the University of Toronto. The video series is a mix of anecdotes and real-life case studies which accompany the financial lessons taught so you can see exactly how, step-by-step, to implement these lessons in your own life, and the lives of your loved ones. Discover how Mitch grew his networth from -$80,000 to over several million in under 5 years. He lays it all out in the course.

Today’s economy is vastly different than the previous generation’s economy. The old rules of money no longer apply, which is why those that follow them are getting no where. In sports, when you want to see which team is winning, you look at the scoreboard. Too often in life, we receive and accept advice from those who haven’t accomplished what we hope to accomplish.

Warren Buffet said it best, “Wall Street is the only place in the world where people drive their Rolls Royces to, to get advice from people that take the subway to work.” Mitch’s ability to break down complicated financial issues into simple and easy to digest steps is the key to your success. Register for the Dumb Money Web Series, invest in yourself, and learn directly from someone with an amazing track record of financial success.

If you are one of Mitch's past or present University of Toronto students, email for a 30% discount to the Dumb Money Web Series.

Click here to enroll now to dumb money | $459

Lecture 1: Banking

Lecture 2: Credit and Debt

Lecture 3: Investments at the Bank Level

Lecture 4: Financial Planning

Lecture 5: Entrepreneurs

Lecture 6: Alternative Investments

Lecture 7: Negotiations

Lecture 8: Becoming The Key Person

Lecture 9: Wrapping It Up

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