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I had originally created this trading strategy with my students at the University Of Toronto in mind, as
they would only have a small amount of money to trade with. However, I soon realized that most
people, students or working are all in the same boat.
This strategy takes advantage of shortterm momentum in the market to quickly build investment gains.
As you can see from the recaps below, my trading portfolio is only 5-10k however, I am able to generate
several hundred to several thousand each morning using this strategy.

Trading recap 1: June 9 th 20% Day or $2500 CAD in Trading Profits

Trading recap 2: June 10 th 15% Day or $1500 CAD in Trading Profits

Trading recap 3: Recap June 1 st – June 5 th $3500 CAD in Trading Profits

From the recaps, you can see that I generally buy 500 shares of a stock priced in the range of $1.50 –
$5.00 USD. This means even though I have up to 10k cash in my portfolio, I’m only using $750 – $2,500
USD at a time to generate these types of gains.
This strategy is amazing for small portfolio day traders looking to grow their accounts as you only need a few thousand dollars to see results.

The Dumb Money Day Trading Course will take you through everything I do on a daily basis to be a
profitable trader – from the basics of how to set up your accounts, different strategies I use, keeping
track of metrics and running your day trading empire like a business. This course was made with the
mindset of stripping out all the trading bullsh*t that usually bogs traders down causing them lose
money, and providing you with only the essential information and strategies to be successful.

Dumb Money Day Trading Course Breakdown:

Live Trading Stream

In addition to the course, I am offering a daily streaming service where you can watch me trade LIVE
every single morning from 8:30am – 10:30am. You will be able to see my screen, watch the stocks that
I’m watching, and trade alongside me as I call out my entry and exit points before I make them.
Daily Trading Monthly Subscription: $247/month


In addition to this, you will receive MONEY MONDAYS! Every Monday I will send out an email of an options play that I believe will yield a minimum of 10% by the end of the week. You’ve seen my last 2 weeks of options trades (13% – 115%) in a few days (pictures attached). Join me on every week for my future options plays which will be announced via email before I make them!



Dumb Money Day Trading Value Pack: 1 Years’ subscription PLUS the course $2500 ($3,393 value)

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