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Learn how I went from a net worth of negative $80k just after graduating from my MBA, to several million in just over 4 years.

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Meet Mitchell

Mitchell, commonly referred to as Mitch, is currently a Professor (sessional lecturer) at the University of Toronto, where he teaches Personal Finance, a course which he created and pitched to the University in 2016. Aside from his passion of teaching, he is also a director at a wealth management firm, a condo developer, and the host of two financial TV shows, Smart Money on Rogers TV, and Finance My Life on Cogeco TV. Mitch graduated from his MBA at The Schulich School Of Business in 2014 with a net worth of negative 80 thousand dollars - mainly due to student debt. In just 4 years, he has managed to grow his networth to several million dollars and amassed a real estate portfolio worth well over 10 million dollars in the Toronto area. His unique financial know how, techniques and formulations have earned him features in the Toronto Star, Maclean's Magazine, and CPA Canada.

Student testimonials

“I really enjoyed this course as well as the instruction, I wish this course was available earlier on in the program. The professor was teaching everything from his own experiences which made it much more interesting rather than reading off the slides. The professor used real life examples when explaining the concepts.”

“By taking this course, I feel as if I opened a whole new world of opportunities to create wealth, and my understanding of personal finances has deepened. I was somewhat inspired by Mitchell's example, and I'm hoping to apply this knowledge, and his guidance to practice! Really glad I took this course”

“Best professor I have ever had. Everything in his class makes sense and I have learned so many valuable skills from this course that it’s bound to change my future. Keep doing what your doing and maybe make the class size bigger as the waitlist for this course was very long”

“Mitch was very engaging and did in–depth explanations of all subjects. He made it easy to understand new and difficult concepts and found ways to relate the material to our every day lives as well as provide examples on how we could achieve our goals using his methods.”

“Mitchell is extremely knowledgeable about the topic of finances and he has dynamic teaching styles that never fail to keep the class engaged. He established a mutual respect between student and prof which made people very comfortable in the class. Mitch was a warm and charismatic professor that motivated me, along with others to work hard and do well in this course. He also often related course content with real–life examples which gave us a better understanding of the concepts discussed.”

“This course was amazing! Finally a uni course that taught me a life skill! Prof. Huynh was an amazing prof! He explained concepts clearly and provided many examples which made it easy to understand the material. Lecture slides were straight forward and easy to follow!”

“This is a great course. it gives students a chance to learn something that should be a basic life skill. Professor Huynh was very engaging and inspirational, making it very easy to pay attention in the course and enjoy the material. very happy I took this course.”

“Professor makes the course very engaging. The course content helps me better manage my finance in real life. He gives out real–life example to make students understand the concept better and can actually utilize these concept in real life.

“Mr. Mitchell Huynh is confident and welcoming when you ask questions. He always applies the theories for real life scenarios. So, it makes it easy to understand. His class is great. Made me to think and apply the theories in my real life.”

“This course has been extremely useful for me and I would suggest every student to take this course. The instruction in this course made it so much better, and Mitchell always knew how to keep us engaged”

“Out of my four years of university this was the most useful and engaging course I have ever had with a professor that was genuinely passionate about the material and teaching practical information.”

“It was pretty interesting. Everything was clear as snow from the starting. This course is something different from all the other courses i have had and hence I enjoyed it a lot.”

“Professor Mitch is a great instructor and he created an atmosphere in the class that engaged all of the students and related a lot of the class materiel to real life.”

“AMAZING! Prof. Mitch is a great instructor and I learned about more than just personal finance in this class. It was phenomenal.”

“I found Professor Huynh to be extremely knowledgeable, engaging and personable. I thoroughly enjoyed being taught by him.”

“I found it to be very practical and simple. The difficult concepts no longer felt difficult after his lecture!”

“Amazing! My favourite course this year”

Mitch is the real deal! If you are looking for something to advance your financial literacy, check out Dumb Money from Mitch

- Kevin O'Leary

After Huynh’s class, D’Lima bought two rental properties that pay for themselves and generate more money than an entry-level job

- Maclean's Magazine

How students can model behaviours of the rich to build financial security

- the toronto star


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The “Everything You Need To Know About Wealth Building” is literally that. The course is broken down into 11 lectures as seen below, with well over 15 hours of life changing content. It mirrors Mitch’s high-demand course taught at the University of Toronto. The video series is a mix of anecdotes and real-life case studies which accompany the financial lessons taught so you can see exactly how, step-by-step, to implement these lessons in your own life, and the lives of your loved ones.​..

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by Mitchell Huynh


This book will teach you everything you need to know about financial management and how Mitch used the techniques in his own life. From high-performing mindsets and negotiation tactics in the work place, to building an 8 figure real estate portfolio, these are the tools that have taken Mitch from the working person to the wealthy person in under 4 years...

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Learn how I went from a net worth of negative $80k just after graduating from my MBA, to several million in just over 4 years.

Take the Dumb Money Course Now | $459$299

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